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Artist Rob Trueman

Award winning photographer, Rob Trueman's passion for photography began with a gift from his grandfather when he was eight years old. The Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic never left his side in his role as family photographer. Shooting his family, friends and neighbors, Rob was known as the kid with the camera. "Borrowing" his father's Yashika and purchasing his first true single lens reflex (SLR) camera in his mid-teens, Rob never stopped taking pictures.

With a degree in Computer Engineering from Drexel University, Rob spent almost 20 years in corporate America as a software engineer, project manager and Director of Information Technology. Corporate and family trips allowed him to shoot in various locations throughout the country and the world, honing his skills as a fine art and portrait photographer.

With the purchase of Nikon's digital SLR (the D70) in mid 2004, Rob's two interests, photography and technology, merged. Digital photography with the D70 had all the utility of an SLR camera without the limits of film, but with the advantage of the digital darkroom.

Now, an expert in digital photography and the digital darkroom and armed with a host of superb Nikon digital cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, Rob is focused on wedding and portrait photography. Rob also teaches workshops and lectures about photography and various photography-related topics.